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【Ordered Item For N.N 】

Vintage Noren ”Yu” Dress

This very rare pattern one-piece dress is made from vintage Japanese "Noren" from the Showa era (1926-1989). The material is in good condition and dyed with persimmons.

Noren began in Kanei era (around 1642) and was used for curtains that dyed the names of businesses on them for promotion. During the Showa era, the most popular gathering place in town was the public bathhouse. Noren was hung outside the women’s and men’s bathhouse. This Retro dress takes us back in time to the old days of ordinary people’s lives. It is a sustainable and unique item. Taking advantage noren’s straight lines, this dress is a shoulder-drop design.



Length 着丈 about約123cm

Width 身幅 about約68cm

昭和やヴィンテージ 古布を使用しておりますので、古布には、ダメージ、解き穴、シミ、汚れなどがあります。それらを味わいとして気に入っていただける方へお譲りしたいです。


Since we use Showa-era vintage fabrics, the vintage fabrics have damage, puncture holes, stains,etc. I would like to give them to those who like them as a taste.

We will fold it and ship it.

Vintage “Yu” Dress

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